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MilesWeb AWS Cloud Hosting: Best for Business Websites?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is vast as well as a comprehensive platform that offers thousands of businesses including small and large as well as public and private with end-to-end online solutions. Right from web pages and web hosting to cloud computing, digital marketing, and mobile services, business applications, to financial services, health, dev ops, support plans, and Big Data, Amazon is the best provider of web hosting services and comprises of a plan to meet your needs.

Therefore, you won’t ordinarily hear people talking about Amazon Web Services when talking about web hosting. That’s because web hosting is just a small part of what AWS does. But prior to diving deep into what AWS is, let’s talk about the objective of this article. AWS is for the following:

  • Businesses are focused on scalability, growth, and flexibility.
  • Individuals searching for enterprise-grade web hosting.

Though Amazon is best known for its online retail business, the company’s most rewarding part is actually AWS. But what is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is an incorporated provider of cloud-based computing solutions. Below is a list of some of the products that the company offers:

  • Databases
  • Content Delivery
  • Storage
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Mobile
  • Developer Tools
  • Management Tools
  • loT
  • Security and enterprise applications
  • Game Tech
  • Robotics
  • Media services

Pros of AWS Services

Below are the advantages of using managed AWS hosting solutions:

  1. Scalability: AWS is best known for its scalability. But the only thing that refrains you is your budget.
  2. Flexibility: When there is scalability, there is flexibility too. It is possible to either increase or decrease the server environment that you are purchasing without the restrictions and constraints that are natural in traditional web hosting.
  3. Pay-as-you-go: As per the pay as you use model you need to pay for only those resources that are needed. This indicates that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on servers and other infrastructure that won’t be needed.
  4. Reliability: With AWS cloud-based services, you get maximized redundancy by locating servers in different geographic environments. With this, you get an uptime of 100%.
  5. Customer Support: Amazon’s customer support is top-notch. Their customer support team is available via live chat, email, or phone at any time of the day, any day of the week. Also, their customer support team is always ready to guide you every step of the way. You will find the required support even if you have no experience technically.

For your information, you can either directly purchase the cheap cloud hosting services from them or you can buy one from a cloud reseller. Below is a review of the best AWS cloud hosting provider of India that manages your AWS cloud without any hassle.

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MilesWeb AWS Services

MilesWeb was started in 2012 and serves its customers with all types of web hosting services.

Today, they are recognized for their customer services and reliable services. They offer managed AWS cloud infrastructure for your growing businesses. This lets you focus on your business growth instead of server management.

If your website is hosted with some other provider, you can always migrate it to their server at free of cost. They always make sure that your website works seamlessly on their AWS server. All you required files and databases from your old Amazon cloud provider are moved to their cloud server.

MilesWeb AWS Cloud Hosting Plans

managed aws hosting

MilesWeb offers the below features for making your AWS journey successful:

Affordable: Business migrates to the cloud for reduced costs and so, your AWS server is analyzed regularly by the MilesWeb team for reducing the cost of your AWS cloud.

Optimized: The advanced caching technology makes your AWS optimized and enhanced to offer the best performance for fulfilling your growing needs.

Security: Their AWS experts as well as tools used for the management of servers help to secure your server and the data stored on it.

Expertise: Let them your business needs and they will build the solution architects for your AWS environment. Their certified team of experts takes care of all these tasks.

Increased Productivity: Your team gets the time for working on tasks such as product building, customer assistance, and earning profit. All the responsibilities of your AWS cloud administration are taken by their team.

Server Monitoring: The AWS experts at MilesWeb continuously monitor your AWS server to offer the best uptime possible. They also monitor the traffic spikes, possible infections, and other issues on the server.

AWS Certified Team: Their team of experts is certified by AWS for their capabilities to manage the AWS cloud. They are available 24/7 and you can contact them via live chat and email to get your queries resolved.

Datacenter Choice: You can select a server location from several locations such as Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, UK, and the USA.

Summing Up

So, you can see that migrating to the MilesWeb AWS cloud server is very easy. Also, since they take the complete responsibility of managing your AWS server, you as well as your team can focus on business growth.

Then don’t go for a second opinion and go for managed AWS cloud services from MilesWeb.

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