How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money

How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money

Learn how to start a food blog and make money from your food blog! This guide will walk you through step-by-step.

No wonder, the food blogging industry is growing rapidly. Different people start food blogging for different reasons. Some do because they’re passionate about food and they don’t care so much about monetization or traffic. But if you want to make money as a food blogger or say want to turn food blogging into a career, WELCOME buddy but yes, you have to work hard as there’s a HUGE competition out there.

Why Should You Start a Food Blog?

Do you love to cook? Do you love to read food blogs? Have you dreamed of sharing your recipes online?

If the answer is YES, it’s the best time to start a food blog. There are a good number of people out there who would love your recipes.

Isn’t it feel so nice and satisfying when someone writes to you saying they tried your recipe and truly LOVED IT! Getting such emails and comments is really AMAZING. As a blogger, I can feel this moment.

There are a number of other reasons, listed below:

  • Improve your cooking skills: A blogger must listen to their readers and other influencers who can chip in advice. This going to help you grow as a great food blogger, cook, and food enthusiast.
  • Grow your network: You can grow your professional network. As a food blogger, you can easily connect with the food-loving community, chefs, and other renowned people in the industry.

Let’s jump in and discuss how to start a food blog and make money, so we can make this happen for you:

How To Start A Food Blog and Make Money

Step 1: Choose a great blog name

The very fun step is coming up with your food blog name!

Your food blog needs a catchy domain name so that it can get people’s attention. So, the first step in food blogging is brainstorming the domain names which is also the fun part.

Few characteristics of a great domain name:

  • Catchy, easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Short, simple, easy to spell and type
  • Unique and doesn’t contain numbers or hyphens

Some food bloggers use their own name in the blog. But, you don’t need to hurry this step. Take your time as your domain name isn’t something you can easily change.

Check Today: How To Choose Domain Name Quickly

After brainstorming some cool ideas, you can check if the food blog names you like are available:

Step 2: Choose a Reliable Web Host

The most important factor that could decide your blog’s success is the hosting services you’ve chosen. This may sound strange but it’s a 100% true fact. Choosing an unreliable web host may give your website visitors a bad experience, the worse Google may penalize your search results because of bad loading speed. Website loading speed highly depends upon the web hosting services. So, make sure you select a reliable hosting which offers high performance, good uptime, as well as secured.

Bluehost is a great option if you are new to blogging. The primary reason – they have a super easy one-click automatic WordPress installation. The BEST reason – they also give you a free domain name when you sign up. They are in the hosting business for over a decade and serving millions of satisfied customers including my 100+ clients!

1.) Click on this exclusive link to install the WordPress blog on Bluehost hosting

You will be taken to Bluehost hosting home page after clicking on the link. Now you need to click on the “Get Started Now” button to continue. The hosting will be just $2.95 per month if you use One Hosting Center exclusive link (which usually costs you $3.95 per month)

2.) Select your “Domain Name”

NOTE: Bluehost offers a free domain for 1 year [When You Sign Up Our Exclusive Link]

3.) Enter your account information >> Click “Next”

Select any package. Pick your account plan and here we’ve listed Bluehost discounted pricing details for you if you buy from this special link

  • 36 Months $2.95
  • 24 Months $3.95
  • 12 Months $4.95

Now, finish the remaining steps that include creating a password, finishing your payment process. Once you’re done, log in to your Bluehost account to install WordPress.

Step 3: Install WordPress Themes

Best WordPress Themes for Food Blogs

Alright – you’re now ready to install your first WordPress theme.

To get started, Go to “Appearance” >> Click ‘Themes.

Here, you’ll see a bunch of pre-installed themes but I suggest you clicking the ‘Add New’ button to start browsing WordPress’s themes.

There are many beautiful themes that you can use, customize & make your site unique and stand out. But there are two that stand out as great choices among the food bloggers.

  • Foodie Pro:- Flexible theme with a minimalist style, very clean design, as well as you’ll have lots of color and font options.
  • Brunch Pro:- You can say, it’s a little sister of Foodie Pro. Its features include font and color options in the Customizer, a minimalist style, and a best-improved recipe index.

Both themes are fully mobile responsive. So get started with any of these.

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Step 4: Install WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins For Food Blogs

WordPress plugins help you in lots of ways. It allows you to integrate various kinds of features into your website. In a food blog, you don’t really need to implement anything fancy. Below are some awesome plugins you can implement in your food blog:

  • WP Recipe Maker: It lets you present your recipes in a very organized and pleasing manner.
  • Recipe Card Blocks: Alternative to WP Recipe Maker, this is more simple. The design of the recipe panels is the key factor.
  • Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating: This plugin lets readers rate your recipes with star ratings. Very helpful for food blogs.
  • Smush Image Optimization: You need truckloads of high-quality images when you start a food blog. Lots of images may degrade your website performance. Smush has an “Automatic compression” feature. It shows its magic on every image.
  • Any Contact Form Plugin: An essential piece for any food blog. Readers can voice out their opinions, give suggestions, as well as ask questions more directly.

How To Make Money As a Food Blogger

So finally you have started your food blog. There are 2 main ways that beginners can make money with a food blog. One by placing ads on your site and other is promoting products that you use/love in your posts.

Here are the top 5 ways to make money from a food blog:

Use Google AdSense or its alternatives

AdSense is one of the widely used ad publishing platforms among food bloggers. You can earn a decent income from AdSense.

Promote affiliate products

You can earn a good amount from your food blogs from affiliate marketing. You can analyze your competitors & find out what affiliate products they are promoting. You can too promote those products and make money from your food blog.

Offering consulting services

Once your blog rocks, you can start offering consulting services to your audience, 1 on 1 coaching!

Sell your own products

You can sell recipes such as eBooks, guides, video recipe tutorials. You can create a membership site and offer “premium content” there.

I hope you have got a piece of detailed information on how to start a food blog and make money. It really is easy to start a food blog in 2020. If you like this tutorial on how to start a food blog that makes money, please show your love. Drop a comment and share it with your friends so they can benefit.

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