Blogging As A Career

Is Blogging Worth It? Or Are You Wasting Your Time?


Back again with a new article on One Hosting Center. But yeah not any promotional article or reviews for any web hosting service provider. Today I’m going to put my thoughts on blogging as a career.

No wonder, Blogging is a great career option and one can make a good amount of money but at the same time, one must need to be patient.

That’s where I lose.

Seeing the less traffic and not so great revenue I just stopped writing. I was fed up of that but above all internally I knew I need to be patient as it’s a long game and you need to be Rahul Dravid or Chatewas Pujara if you want to succeed in blogging.

What I Learn During Break From Blogging

If you are a beginner or pro whenever you start a new blog give ample time. Instead of going for traffic and revenue, try to provide valuable content which people love to read and more importantly it should be problem-solving.

It’s not bad to take a break. In my case, it helps me to realise my mistakes and gives me more motivation to go ahead with my blogging career.

What Keeps is Me Inspiring During This Time?

Motivation is always needed in bad times and during this time, I followed Umer Bhai, Mangesh Bhai, Ayush Bro, Archana Ji and Santosh Bhai posts. Special Mention – Gautam Mishra keeps telling me to continue.

I promise myself to get ahead of all things and put more effort into uplifting One Hosting Center to next heights.


Are you a newbie or frustrated with low traffic don’t lose hope as your effort is going to give results soon.

Make a target & break it into small segments and try to achieve that and I guarantee you are never going to be disappointed. In the end, One thing I must say…don’t lose patience keep trying and you’ll WIN!!

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