Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Best Web Hosting For Beginners: Experts Point of View

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We all know blogging is just wow & awesome carrer option. I have seen many person dream to start blog but stuck at the time of web hosting. Either they don’t make decision on which web hosting to go with or what plan need to be considered. One Hosting Center team understand this and so in this article we’ve talked on the best web hosting for beginners. We’ve also invited some industry experts to share their point of view.

The top factors that needs to be considered while choosing web host is site performance/speed, security, as well as cost (especially renewal cost).

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In my opinion, Bluehost shared hosting plan (Click here for instant 75% OFF) is the best web hosting for beginners. Reason, they have good plans at affordable rate (definetly if you are starting you are on tight budget).

Along with that, Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress.Org because of its enriched security and great page speed. Also their customer support is exceptional.

In this article, we’re going to explore best web hosting for beginners. 5+ industry experts (Digital Marketers, Founders & Bloggers) are sharing their points here:

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1.) Jobin

When it comes to choosing a hosting service for a new blog, you need to go with the one that provides the best…

  1. Speed
  2. Security
  3. Support

The only hosting service that proved to provide us with some serious performance stats was WPX hosting. We have tried and tested WPX hosting services and they have never disappointed.

When a client asks for web design services for a blog site, they also want recommendations for a hosting provider, and after 5 years of trying and testing, we can confidently recommend WPX hosting services to them.

Let me explain the 3S’s that make WPX Hosting the perfect choice for new blogs.

1. Speed: WPX hosting comes with free WPX CDN service which ensures that every blog page regardless of how many heavy images it carries loads extremely fast for the end-user. While most hosting providers use third-party CDN services, WPX hosting has a custom-built in-house CDN platform which is aimed to smartly ensure that all website data loads quickly.

2. Security: WPX hosting probably is the only company in the world that provides a “Fixed For Your Guarantee”. This ensures you as a client that in any circumstance if your blog gets hacked or gets attacked by black hat hackers, WPX will fix your site and fully restore it and all for free.

Another great security feature is the 0 downtime ratio, which means your website will never go down. Normally, hosting providers update their servers which leads to downtime, however, WPX has over 20,000 cloud data centers which enable them to keep all sites up and running with zero downtime.

Although there is a long list of security features provides by WPX hosting, however, I will just close by naming a last but the best security feature, which is that WPX provides free unlimited SSL certificate, which means all your blog sites will have HTTPS security for free.

3. Support: Have you ever need immediate support and was told that you need to wait or given some DIY articles?

If yes, then you need to come over to WPX hosting like right now.

WPX provides 24/7 customer support and has the fastest response rate, personally I have seen them reply back in less than 30 seconds, this was definitely mind-blowing and really helpful when you want things to get down super fast.


If you’re are looking for a reliable, affordable, and secured web hosting then WPX hosting is the one for you.

With extremely affordable pricing, along with fast cloud servers, and daily free website backups WPX has become a powerful and the most desirable hosting site for new blogs.

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2.) Barbi

He’s from Best Blog Tools Company

I would recommend Bluehost for beginner bloggers who are looking for web hosting. I’ve personally tested its performance and reliability and have been using it for years. That’s why I’m confident in recommending Bluehost to new WordPress bloggers.

BlueHost is great and can be seamlessly integrated with WordPress.org and makes hosting your site a piece of cake. It will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress!

Here are a few reasons why:

With Bluehost you get one-stop-shopping. You can get your hosting, domain name, and install WordPress easily right from the Bluehost platform.

It’s affordable. It’s one of the best hosts you can get for cheap web hosting. You can host your site for the price of a small latte each month – it’s just $3.95 per month for 36 months.

You get a free domain name when you sign up. This ties in with affordability – your own domain would otherwise cost $10+.

You can easily install WordPress. With just a few clicks, you can launch the WordPress software and have a working blog. No tech knowledge needed!

It has enough performance to get you started. When you’re just starting out, Bluehost offers plenty of performance to keep your site loading.

For beginners, I would recommend the cheap Basic plan because it’s definitely robust enough to get you going.

3.) Shari Smith

Business coach and founder of Shari-sells

Choosing the best web hosting site is very important for people who wish to start a blogging site. You should choose a web hosting site that has a good user interface that is easy to use and that has amazing technical support that you can reach out to whenever you have problems in terms of your web hosting.

As a business owner, I scrutinize all possible web hosting sites to find what’s the best for me.

As for me, Bluehost is the best web hosting site for me because it is designed for beginners.

Bluehost has been around for a long time and they offer great hosting at a great price that can fit everyone’s needs. They also have other services that you can try like the SEO tool that they have which is very helpful for beginners.

The best thing that I like about Bluehost is their 24/7 support that you can reach through phone or live chat.

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4.) Ron Evan Del Rosario

Demand Generation Link Building Specialist at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

I am not in any way connected to them, but for novice bloggers, I would recommend Go Daddy! You don’t want your new website to be pushed offline because of weak servers and unstable network connections.

Aside from blocking possible viewership or leads for an e-commerce store, it can also lead to low rankings on search engine sites like Google or Yahoo.

Big companies like GoDaddy also has a more reliable and established customer service support. How effective and speedy are they when it comes to providing help and technical support?

It would save you time if you could choose a web hosting company that offers live support 24/7. Also, look for those who provide chat support and social media visibility instead of email and support tickets.

As a newbie, you might find that web hosting services primarily offers cheap and attractive hosting deals during the initial sign up. But wait for the renewal charges, and it would often be more than triple! Can you avoid such circumstances?

You can, but only if you hope to jump from one hosting service provider with discounted signup rates to another every couple of years. It is imperative that you always check the renewal chargers, which GoDaddy does, to not experience any surprise bill effect.

What I also like about GoDaddy is that they anticipate your growth. You might be only starting with a single website and domain name, but you might soon need multiple websites, domains, or even subdomains.

GoDaddy allows you to choose packages depending on what you might need in the future. They do allow you to run multiple websites on a single web hosting account, which is just perfect for those newbies who are still experimenting on what niche they want to focus on.

5.) Rahul Gulati

Founder, GyanDevign Tech Services LLP, a web development and seo agency based in Pune, India

Well, there is no one size fits all. But here are few things I look for when suggesting my clients for a host provider.

  • Free SSL certificate installed with the plan. So, we don’t have to buy it separately. A SSL cert simply gives trust signals to search engines that your site is secure- via green lock on the address bar
  • Access to cPanel is a must. This is mandatory for all our web design clients. Even if they don’t do the site maintenance with us, I ensure that if they want to edit anything on their website or change something, they must know how to use cPanel
  • Start with a shared hosting plan and as your traffic increases, you can switch to VPS or shared cloud hosting. This will help you save money.

Always select the region your audience is coming from. If your target audience is in India, I’d prefer an Indian data center over a European or US.

I highly recommend WordPress content management system for your online blogs. Here are my top 3 recommended host providers.

  1. Reseller Club India
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. NameCheap

6.) Matt Woicik

Digital Marketing Strategist at Digital Marketing Extreme

The best hosting site for starting a new blog depends on what your end goal is. There are three paths to follow.

The first path is if you just want a blog. The best hosting site would be WordPress.com. WordPress is a content management system that is designed for blogging. WordPress can do other things but at its core, it is a blog. You can change the appearance of your blog with themes and extended the features of your blog with plugins.

WordPress.com makes hosting easy since you just purchase an account and domain name and get started blogging.

If you want other things to go along with your blog like a full website or ecommerce features, you should look at a website builder like Squarespace or Wix. Like WordPress.com, they handle all the technical hosting technology.

You can use their website builder tools to build your blog but have the flexibility for other options.

Finally, if you like to learn technology and want to have complete flexibility in your blog, you can self-host a version of WordPress. You get all the benefits of WordPress like themes and plugins but since you also control the hosting, you can control everything.

The process starts with getting a website hosting account from companies like GoDaddy or Bluehost. Then you use their tools to install WordPress typically with a 1-click installation routine. After that, you control WordPress yourself.

This option does require learning more about website servers so it might not be the right choice for everyone.

In conclusion, the best hosting site for your blog depends on your end goal. There are many options to start a blog.

7.) Matthew Woodward

Anyone starting a new blog tends to have a small budget, not always, but most of the time. This factor often means premium web hosting providers are out of the question.

If you’re looking to keep your costs low, but still have a worthwhile provider, there’s an excellent option for you:

A2 Hosting offers affordable plans but remains fast and reliable.

Let me show you some of their features:

A2 Hosting’s Best Features

Their hosting plans start at $2.99/month and finish at $15.99, which is very affordable compared to other big hosting services.

But that doesn’t mean they should be scoffed at; the service actually provides you with plenty of benefits to check out:

DDOS Protection

One of the most common attacks is DDoS attacks. This is where people try to flood your server with traffic to shut the site down.

A2 Hosting provides protection against these attacks, although they cannot guarantee your site will stay online during the attack.

DDoS protection is available with any plan, so there’s no need to worry!

Automatic Backups For Free

Backing up your site is vital; one wrong plugin and it could break your site, or worse, delete essential files. Regularly backing up your site gives you peace of mind that everything will be OK if the worst happens.

For plans starting at $4.99, A2 Hosting will provide free and automatic updates regularly so you can restore data quickly.

This little feature can save hours, if not days trying to recover your lost files.

HackScan Protection

Having malware on your site can damage your reputation or massively damage your revenue and traffic.

A2 Hosting provides malware protection to block any attacks heading to your site. Their protection service runs 24/7 and ensures you stay safe.

Free Migrations

Migrating a site is time-consuming and very challenging. You need a good amount of knowledge and understanding of the process.

A2 Hosting provides free migration on all plans, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your site.

Rounding Up

That’s just a few benefits A2 hosting provides you, but there’s so many more, like:

  • Litespeed Cache
  • Staging Area
  • Unlimited SSD or NVME storage
  • 24/7 Support
  • A2 Site Accelerator

If you are looking for a fast and reliable host with an affordable budget, you shouldn’t look any further.

A2 Hosting has built a solid reputation over the years and has thousands of reviews proving this.

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Wrapping Up: Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Every website has a different needs. There is never a fixed and permanent solution to web hosting needs. All you need is the top-notch service provider to host your website. Hope you’ve gained a lot from these experts opinion.

We would love to hear from you. If you’ve answer related to these topics feel free to share with us. We’ll include those points here.

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