Amazing Tips To Increase WordPress Website Speed

Amazing Tips To Increase WordPress Website Speed

Today we are going to talk about how you can increase the speed of your website. It is very important to have a good speed of the website. If your website loads even a one-second late then there is:

  • Up To 7% less conversion
  • 11% fewer page views
  • Customer satisfaction decreases by up to 16%

Here are some benefits of good loading speed.

  • Improves SERP ranking
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Improve visitor’s satisfaction and more.

What should be the loading time of your website?

According to a Google report, the loading time of the website should be 3 seconds or less.

If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load then bounce will be increased by up to 90%.

Don’t worry about it. I am here to help you to boost the loading time of your blog.

How to Check Website Speed?

The first thing you have to do is test your present site speed to see where it remains right now. Presently, there are a lot of tools or websites that you can use. however, I just suggest these three tools:

Tips To Increase WordPress Website Speed:

#1 Use Good Hosting

Website speed depends on hosting the most. If you use a good quality hosting, then you can increase the speed of your website to a great extent.

At the point when a user gets to your site, your host’s servers will decide how rapidly data is passed to them. A few servers are just moderate. Then again, your arrangement may top your greatest speed or permitted server assets. So, your site can never be loaded quicker than the server grants.

Siteground is the fastest hosting I recommend you to use it.

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#2 Use CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the best way to boost website speed. You must use CDN but what is CDN and how it helps in increasing speed. CDN places its servers in different places in the world, which increases the speed of your website.

If someone opens your website from Asia, then the data from your website will be visible to that user from the nearest CDN servers.

#3 Use Cache Plugin

This is a great way to improve website speed. You must use a good cache plugin on your website.

When you install the cache plugin, it stores the data of your website in the visitor’s browser so that the next time that user comes to your site, he will see the saved version.

You can easily install and activate the cache plugin. Some good plugins are.

  • WP Rocket
  • WP super cache
  • W3 total cache
  • Lightspeed cache

#4 Image Optimization

This is the main reason for slow page speed. You need to compress and optimize your image properly to improve loading time. Image optimization is very easy to do, you can optimize the image in two ways.

First, using any WordPress plugin, simply install and activate any image optimizer plugin and that’s all now This plugin will do all the work of optimization.

Second, simply go on any website and compress it here and after compressing directly upload and use this image on your WordPress blog.

#5 Use AMP

The vast majority surf the web from their mobiles, so it is significant that your site opens exceptionally quickly and versatile. AMP makes this assignment extremely simple. AMP eliminates all such things on the site that have no work or are utilized uniquely for structuring.

Use AMP for the WP plugin to change your site into the AMP form. You just need to install this plugin and do the correct setting. Subsequent to finishing the arrangement your site is prepared to show AMP variants on Mobile.

#6 Use Gzip

With Gzip, you can minimize your content size by up to 70%. If the size of your website will be reduced then the website will be loaded quickly.

You can easily enable Gzip compression on your WordPress website with the help of a plugin.

#7 Use Speed Optimized Theme

You should use a speed optimized WordPress theme on your website. There are many WordPress themes available in the market but I recommend you to go for Generatepress. This is one of the fastest, SEO optimized, and most recommended WordPress themes. It is very easy to customize the Generatepress theme.

#8 Minify JavaScript and CSS Files

If you test your WordPress website with Google PageSpeed Insights, you’ll be immediately up with a notice to minify JavaScript and CSS documents. After minimizing JavaScript and CSS files, you will get great performance in website speed. With the help of the WordPress plugin, you can easily minimize JS and CSS files.

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#9 Remove Inactive Plugins

Deactivate all the inactive plugins on your website immediately because the plugins store their data in the database, which slows down the speed of the website. Trey to use very few plugins and only use good plugins. Check for plugin updates and update them immediately.

#10 Limit Post Revisions

Post Revision takes up space in your website’s database. Try to limit your post and page revisions. Simply add this code in your WP-Config.php file to limit post revisions.

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 4 )

You can also the number with your choice. By default, this is set to 4 which means all your older revisions are automatically deleted only the latest 4 were saved.


I hope you find this post helpful. In this post, I have shared some amazing tips to boost website speed.

Follow these tips and after using these tips you can see amazing results in your website speed.

If you find it valuable then please share it.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Tips To Increase WordPress Website Speed”

  1. Hey!
    Good article. But it misses one vital point if the focus is website speed; when you should not use WordPress.

    All real developers know (whether they like to admit it or not) that the biggest cause of speed loss is WordPress. It’s not enough to say the CMS makes up for it. That’s only true is the need is there to regularly change content.

    The real reason WordPress is so popular and used in lots of situations where it should not be (therefore slowing down 100,000s of sites that don’t change content more than once a month) is because lots of developers make use of WordPress over-loaded with plugins because they no extertise in web development.

    The best way to speed up WordPress is not to use it. If frequent content management and content changes is more important than site speed, then WordPress is a good choice.

    Vishal Meena

    1. Thanks for commenting Vishal Meena. Slight different thoughts on this. WordPress is still the best & regarding WordPress website speed it depends upon multiple factors. Primary factors include Web Hosting. Along with that, the plugins, page sizes are some which may lower down your WordPress site speed. Well, this article is perfectly done. You’ll surely find valuable details.

  2. Hey Nick Jones ,

    Great post with fantastic work. You have really suggested helpful tips to increase wordpress site speed. You have elaborated the tips very nicely along with vital points that are true enough to understand.

    When it comes on website speed then choosing a good web-hosting is really essential. SiteGround is really amazing hosting that perform very fast and offers helpful features. Using siteGround will helps a lot in boosting wordpress site speed. Using CDN, Cache plugin, Compress & optimize an images, Using GZip, Using speed-optimized theme and Removing the inactive or unnecessary plugins are really good tips and effective for boosting the wordpress site speed. Using these tips will be a great helping hand especially for wordpress users.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.

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