SiteGround Reviews: Pros & Cons Of Using SiteGround In 2020

If you were looking for in-depth SiteGround reviews, we’re happy to say you’ve landed on the best webpage. Here, our One Hosting Center team covered critical aspects like performance, uptime, server setup, customer support, pricing, and many other essential points that you must consider before signing up with SiteGround or any other web host.

Hey Guys, we’ve started a new series where we’ll review top web hosting providers. We’ll try to include all the key features & include Pros and Cons so that we can help you to make a better decision. Today we’re covering SiteGround, YES the most lovable, recommended & top rated by bloggers. So, without boring you let’s start SiteGround Reviews.

Quick Summary



Responsive servers. Fast load times even when traffic is high.



Downtimes are rare, SiteGround offer 99% uptime.



Friendly support. Responds quickly and is efficient.



Initial rates are very lucrative, but renewal is quite high.

About SiteGround (Overview)

SiteGround was founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Tenko Nikolov is current CEO of SiteGround. SiteGround is considered as one of the best web hosting companies as well as they are also officially recommended by WordPress.Org. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions as well as email hosting and domain registration.

As per the recent report, SiteGround is known to host more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. That’s a big number. Isn’t it? You can assume the popularity of SiteGround with these number but I don’t recommend you to go with SiteGround just by assuming.

Because of their professionalism & dedication to uptime, speed, excellent security, and quality support – SiteGround’s really superior web host right now! I am not only saying this but it’s also recommended by bloggers & industry experts. They are ❤️ SiteGround’s features.

SiteGround is the #1 web hosting favorite in many surveys/polls on Facebook:


  • www.facebook.com/groups/wphosting/permalink/1160796360718749/
  • www.facebook.com/groups/wphosting/permalink/917140131751041/
  • www.facebook.com/groups/473644732678477/permalink/1638240322885573/
  • www.facebook.com/groups/wphosting/permalink/1327545844043799/

Let’s get started with the SiteGround reviews without much hubbub.

1.) Performance

We’ve analyzed one of our client’s website hosted on SiteGround. You will be amazed by the performance. Below is the screenshot:

SiteGround Reviews - pingdom result

Want to analyze your own website, check with the same tool, that we’ used for our client. We all know page speed is key ranking factor. I personally consider load time of 3 to 4 seconds to be decent, but if it is less than 1 seconds isn’t it will be wonderful, and what if you get less than 500 ms – it’s incredible.

When we talk upon performance (referring to Website Page Speed) SiteGround is the better performers compared to other web hosts in my experience. So if you are looking to be upgraded, want to work on faster servers, and ensure optimal performance for end-user sites at all times, we strongly recommend SiteGround

2.) Uptime

Uptime is key factor when it comes to choosing web hosting services for your next blog or business website. I am using SiteGround for multiple websites (basically for our clients) & you’ll be surprised to know we’ve never got any emails from Uptime Robot (my downtime alert tool) or the Pingdom reporting downtimes for this site yet.

We’ve set 1 minute as check frequency & still getting this result definitely make SiteGround the best choice compared to other web hosts. Other big names in shared hostings, such as HostGator, iPage, BlueHost, etc. all struggle with uptime. We’ve only experienced stellar uptime with them. So, if you are one who’s desperately looking for a unique downtime prevention hosting provider, SiteGround is unbeatable.

3.) Support

SiteGround Reviews - Support

Suppose you’ve started working on your website & in middle, you stuck with some kind of issue. It always happens & we’ve encountered issues while working on the website. Really frustrating and situation become worse when your hosting provider becomes unresponsive. But with SiteGround you don’t have to worry about these things because they have excellent customer support compared to their peers, say iPage or any other EIG-owned host.

Their customer support is pretty responsive and genuinely helpful. They offer 24×7 live chat support, 24×7 phone support as well as offer standard email/ticket support. In most cases, email/ticket or live chat support should be adequate as the initial-response time is very less, even less than 2 minutes on average. I didn’t face any queues in live chat.

Often it happens when you asked them any query they either tell you to check Knowledgebase or you have to wait for a long time (I’ve encountered these issues with NameCheap) but SiteGround hardly refers you to knowledge-base (of pre-existing articles). In case, you’re stuck with an issue with your WordPress installation, SiteGround always ready to help you.

Not only that, but SiteGround also puts up the personal profiles, pictures, and other important details about the technical background, specific areas of expertise including their work experience of all their support staff. This help you to build a friendly touch.

So, we’ve come a long way in SiteGround reviews. If you have any queries regarding hosting needs & ideas, feel FREE to contact us ([email protected]).

4.) Price

SiteGround offers 3 shared hosting plans:

1.) StartUp Plan: This cost $6.99/mo. (Special Discounted Price) for the first term. It allows you to host only one website (domain). You’ll get 10 GB web space, ~ 10,000 visits monthly & unmetered traffic. It means you can host up to 10 GB of data & this start-up plan is good for the website with approx 10,000 monthly visits. Additionally, you’ll get Free SSL, Daily Backup, Free Email, Unlimited Databases, Free CDN.

2.) GrowBig Plan: This cost $9.99/mo. (Special Discounted Price) for the first term. It allows you to host unlimited websites. You can host up to 20 GB of data & this plan is good for the website with approx 25,000 monthly visits. In addition to the StartUp plan offers, you will get On-demand Backup Copies & Speed-boosting Caching.

3.) GoGeek Plan: This cost $14.99/mo. (Special Discounted Price) for the first term. It allows you to host unlimited websites. You can host up to 40 GB of data & this plan is good for the website with approx 100,000 monthly visits. In addition to the GrowBig Plan offers, you will get the highest tier of resources & priority support.

StartUp Plan is good for beginners but if you are not on a tight budget we recommend you to go with GrowBig or GoGeek plan as they have more benefits.

5.) Security

Security is a major & primary concern for anybody who owns a website (whether it’s a simple blog or business website). SiteGround offers the most reliable security available. Here are some of the security features that make them stand out among competitors:

1.) Site isolation: This ensures that your website is not impacted in a negative manner if there’s a security breach on any other websites on your server. You may think it as hosting firewall that protects your business website from hackers.

2.) HTTP/2 technology: All of their servers support HTTP/2 technology, it is the most secure option available. Many web hosts are lagging this, but not SG.

3.) Web Application Firewall (WAF): It protects against security breaches and the best part it’s updated regularly. All the clients take benefits of this attractive feature.

Apart from the stated features, SiteGround also runs viruses and malware scans on a regular basis. Proactive patches are sent to all clients whenever new threats emerge.

Pros & Cons Of Using SiteGround


  • Free WordPress site migration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Innovative speed technologies
  • Free SSL certificate &
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Uptime & speed monitoring
  • Free daily automatic backups & restore
  • Officially endorsed by WordPress.org


  • Limited data storage
  • Strict data over-usage policy
  • High renewal prices

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

SiteGround Reviews

Trusted By Clients And Industry Experts

Siteground reviews - syed_balkhi

Syed Balkhi


“SiteGround is a great hosting solution for all your WordPress projects - both new and established ones. The service they provide is stable, secure and super fast thanks to the special tools they've developed in-house for WordPress users.”


“What I like about SiteGround is the support is super friendly and attentive. I also love how easy it is that I work on my site locally, push to GitHub and it just magically appears on the server. I really appreciate not having to think about the site and the upgrades too.”

Siteground reviews - jenny_wong

Jenny Wong

Engineering Manager at Human Made
Siteground reviews - andrey_savchenko

Andrey Savchenko

WordPress Developer

“I am passionate about web performance. It takes a hosting committed to performance to match that passion. SG Optimizer delivers powerful cache for WordPress data, assets, and pages with a flip of a switch. Even on the shared plans!”

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

FAQs : SiteGround Reviews

SiteGround as one of the best cheap WordPress hosting companies. They are noticeably faster and extremely reliable as well as their hosting plans are flexible, and customer support is outstanding.

Both are perfect but SiteGround is a far better fit for the large, resource-intensive sites. They have more powerful and technical features compared to GoDaddy.

SiteGround is a better choice for Shared, WordPress, or Cloud hosting compared to Bluehost. Bluehost offered low initial and renewal rates, but SiteGround’s performance(speed), reliability(uptime) and support is quite well compared to Bluehost.

They offer 3 plans. GrowBig is the most popular plan for a number of reasons. But if you are eCommerce owner we recommend you to go with GoGeek plans.

Overall, SiteGround hosting offer uptime (99.99%) and speed (673ms). Their customer support team is very knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. All the plans come with a CDN, SSL certificate, as well as email accounts.

Yes, SiteGround offers monthly payment plans but with their Cloud hosting service. Their plans are being priced at $80/month (for their Entry Cloud plan).

Currently, SiteGround uses the following data center locations: Iowa, USA.Eemshaven, London, UK., Netherlands.


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