Free Grammarly Alternatives in 2020

Free Grammarly Alternatives : 20 Best You Should Try in 2020

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We’re here again with another new topic – free Grammarly alternatives in 2020. Do you know what – Grammatical errors can severely impact your search engine ranking? YES, website content with poor grammar & spelling mistakes are severely beaten by Google or other popular search engines. 

Although minor mistakes are ignorable to some extent, writing error-free content should be a priority to provide the best value in the right way. 

Most people rely on the MS office, where they write the content. It’s a good option and right platform to start with, but at the same time, it’s not so beneficial when we talk about grammatical and other errors in the content. So, you always need a writing companion for the smooth and error-free content that will help you make your writing more interesting, impressive, and useful.

Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used software tools for grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism checking. Using this excellent tool, you can easily avoid small mistakes (like a comma, capital letter, hyphen, etc.) and make your writing flawless and simplified. 

Not only that, but Grammarly also comes with an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write clearly without any mistakes as well as help you make use of concise words at the very right time.

Grammarly’s best part is that you don’t have to download software that could utilize your space, but you just need to install Grammarly’s Chrome extension (amazing and lightweight). Talking about the Grammarly interface, it’s a very simple, beautiful, clean, and intuitive dashboard. 

Grammarly Alternatives 2020
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  • Makes writing better, quick, and secure.
  • Works anywhere and corrects you on every platform you are writing.
  • It helps us to express ourselves more cohesively.
  • It also helps us to check plagiarism in our content.
  • This tool scans content for more than 400 grammar rules.

Grammarly Impressive Features:

  • Compatible with all types of devices.
  • Have a neat and clean dashboard.
  • Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) for correcting mistakes.
  • Multiple device document access.
  • Performance stats & vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

As you can see, Grammarly has lots of amazing features, but still, people search for free Grammarly alternatives. There can be many reasons like customer support, pricing, or features that put you in a situation where you are looking for Grammarly alternative free.

Why Do We Need Free Grammarly Alternatives?

  1. Its free version is minimal (you can only correct spelling and grammar in your writing).
  2. It might not work with all the apps (talking about the apps you use for writing).
  3. Their advertising strategy (quite aggressive, always ping you to upgrade).
  4. Many times the software misbehaves (shows red lines even when no mistakes)
  5. Pricing – $29 per month (very few people desire to pay that much for such tools)

List Of The Top Paid and Free Grammarly Alternatives

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Ginger
  3. Slick Write
  4. OnlineCorrection
  5. Reverso
  6. Sentence Checkup
  7. After The Deadline
  8. Virtual Writing Tutor
  9. Grammar Check
  10. Grammar Checker
  11. Sentence Checker

12. Spell Check24
13. QuillBot
14. Druide
15. Writefull
16. LanguageTool
17. Grammar Lookup
18. Hemingway
19. 1Checker
20. PaperRater
21. WhiteSmoke
22. Sapling

1.) ProWritingAid


First and best Grammarly alternative for free. If you are looking for a style editor, writing mentor, and grammar checker, ProWritingAid is the ultimate option. 

Key Features:

  1. Detailed Explanations
  2. Support Mac and Windows users
  3. Better integration with MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Scrivener, and Google Chrome.
  4. Word Explorer for finding the right words
  5. Highlight any repeated words as well as phrases in your document
  6. Visualize Sentence Lengths and the Variation

What You’ll Get In FREE plan?

  • Use Online only (No desktop version).
  • Add chrome extension for free.
  • Generates multiple reports for 500 Words at a time.

With these features, ProWritingAid could be the best and free Grammarly alternative. 

What You’ll Get In the UPGRADE plan?

  1. No Word Limit
  2. 100% Privacy
  3. Desktop App to access ProWritingAid
  4. Free access to a vast collection of writing resources.
  5. Add-ins for MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome

Currently, ProWritingAids offers four plans:

  • 1 Year plan will cost you $70
  • 2 Year ($100)
  • 3 Year ($140)
  • Lifetime ($240)

2.) Ginger


Yet another widely used Grammar checker. You can write better English and correct the texts more efficiently. It helps you remove grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and misused words, with unmatched accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Ginger Page app for the Android and iOS
  • You can improve your English with the trainer
  • Get Ginger Keyboard app for Android
  • You can communicate in 50 different languages 
  • No more spelling mistakes with Spell Checker

Ginger offers three paid plans.

  • Monthly ($20.97/month)
  • Annual ($89.88)
  • Two Years ($159.84)

3.) Slick Write

Slick Write

A completely free and powerful app offers an incredible and good number of features to check your writing for grammar errors and mistakes. Slick Write is the best option & free Grammarly alternatives for the blogger, novelist, and SEO professional. 

Key Features:

  • Vocabulary Variety screen
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Lightning Fast Grammar Checker
  • Flow Checker
  • Chrome and Firefox Extension
  • Quick Lookup by selecting a word or passage
  • It is an entirely free platform. 

4.) OnlineCorrection


If you are looking for an essential grammar check tool, OnlineCorrection is an excellent option to rely on. You just have to copy and paste your text that you are planning to check and write your copy here.

Key Features:

  • Simple Interface
  • Completely Free
  • Text Correction for multiple languages

5.) Reverso


This is a world-famous AI-based language solution. Their online translators are powered by AI technology. It’s the leading instant translation platform for multiple languages like French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Integrated dictionaries
  • Conjugate verbs
  • Add to Chrome
  • Free Platform
  • Voice Translator for iOS
  • Integrated spell-checker
  • Pronounced by native speakers
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Upload your files to translate documents

6.) Sentence Checkup

Sentence Checkup

It’s an advanced free online sentence checker that will make your documents error-free and improve your writing style at the same time. Along with that, you can also resolve grammatical errors, do spell check as well as check punctuation errors.

Key Features:

  • Free and straightforward to use
  • Sentence Structure Checker
  • A web-based tool
  • Grammar Check Sentences

7.) After The Deadline

After The Deadline

It’s an intelligent language checking server that is based upon open-source language checking technology. To find writing errors After The Deadline relies on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

Key Features:

  • Free for Personal Use
  • Advanced Style Checking
  • Contextual Spell Checking

8.) Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

If you are looking for a tool that helps you count words of your article, check grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, vocabulary check, and many more things, Virtual Writing Tutor is the best and free Grammarly alternative in 2020. 

Key Features:

  • Pen Pal Exchange System
  • Writing Tools
  • 100% Free to use
  • Free Membership
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text to Speech
  • Essay Tests
  • Download your document in MP3 format

9.) Grammar Check

Grammar Check

Using this tool, you can quickly check grammar mistakes, spelling errors as well as punctuation. It will also give you the list of proper wording alternatives, explanations, and suggestions.

Key Features:

  • Style suggestion
  • Grammar suggestion
  • Free Application
  • Spelling error

10.) Grammar Checker

Grammar Check

One of the best Grammarly alternatives for free. With tools like Word Counter, Paraphrasing, Case converter, Translate, Reverse Image Search, Grammar Checker is perfect online proofreading software.

Key Features:

  • Forever and always Free
  • Reverse Image Search
  • No Registration Required
  • Highly Secure and optimized
  • Support a wide variety of browsers & devices
  • Unlimited Spell checking
  • Case Converter
  • Grammar check

11.) Sentence Checker

Sentence Checker

It’s another widely used grammar checking tool for many purposes like academic, technical, or business.

Key Features:

  • Case Converter
  • Essay Editor
  • Grammar Checker
  • Grade Calculator
  • 24/7 Access
  • Simplicity
  • Proofreading
  • Plagiarism Checker

12.) Spell Check24

Spell Check24

Another best Grammarly alternative for contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, and an intelligent grammar checker.

Key Features:

  • Spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Create PDF from your texts
  • Filler word analysis
  • Readability analysis
  • Word density analysis
  • Save your documents to the cloud

13.) QuillBot


With the aim to build an AI with human-level proficiency in the paraphrase generation to help the people communicate more effectively and clearly, QuillBot was developed by Keuji (its parent company).

Key Features:

  • Fluency Statistics
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • API Access
  • Sentence Rephrasing
  • Quill Modes
  • Google Docs Add-in
  • Microsoft Word Add-in

They offer 3 plans:

  • Monthly ($4.95/month)
  • Semi-Annual ($4.15/month)
  • Annual ($3.33/month)

14.) Druide


Druide is a Quebec-based company that was founded in 1993. It is a complete package for those who are willing to write faster, without making mistakes and admire neat sites and great books.

Key Features:

  • WEBLIXIR – Detect errors in French and English via browsing
  • Antidote – A Grammar corrector, and language guides
  • Editions Druide – You can publish your content in paper and digital formats
  • Typing Pal – You can also learn Typing and improve your fingering with the help of Tap’Touche

With so many features, no wonder Druide is the best Grammarly alternative, but the pricing is quite high. Antidote 10 for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available at $129.95.

15.) Writefull


Yet another top rated free Grammarly alternatives that use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to give feedback on your article. It checks your text against the massive language databases like Google Scholar, Google Books, Google Web, and Google News.

Key Features:

  • You can find out words frequency
  • You can find Synonyms
  • It’s Free
  • It supports Linux
  • Download for MAC OS, Windows
  • Text Pronunciation
  • Translate from any language into English
  • Chrome Extension

16.) LanguageTool


This excellent tool helps you check your article in more than 20 languages.

Key Features:

  • Add on for Google Docs
  • Desktop version available
  • Add-on for Microsoft Word
  • Add-on for LibreOffice
  • API Access
  • Add on for Chrome and Firefox

Along with the FREE plan, they also have 2 PAID plans; they are as follows:

a.) Premium Plan (INR 91.58/month or INR 1099.00/year):- You can check around 2500 additional errors. Offer Add-on for Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, and many more. This tool is best for the students, freelancers, agencies, authors, companies, and non-profit organizations.

b.) Developer API (Starts at INR 2586.00 per month)

17.) Grammar Lookup

Grammar Lookup

It uses AI to check grammar and punctuation mistakes. It also eliminates the spelling errors and highlights 1000s of style issues to take your writing to the next level. Grammar Lookup claims #1 free online grammar checker.

Key Features:

  • Simplicity is the Key
  • It’s Free and will always be
  • A perfect fix for all errors

18.) Hemingway


It’s an online editor. It’s not a complete grammar checker. This tool helps you to write content more effectively via styling them. It provides clarity by highlighting the adverbs, passive voice, and dull as well as complicated words.

Key Features:

  • Write and Edit Modes
  • Text Formatting
  • Readability grade levels
  • Adverbs
  • Publish directly to WordPress & Medium

19.) 1Checker


Greedy Intelligence Co. Ltd develops 1Checker. The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using 1Checker, you can check spelling and grammar.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding service for free
  • Free, Private and Secure
  • Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology

20.) PaperRater

PaperRater - Free Grammarly Alternatives

PaperRater is another powerful automated proofreading tool and the best Grammarly alternative. Over 100 countries use the tool in schools and universities.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time, Real Easy
  • Feedback and Writing Instruction
  • Vocabulary Builder
  • ALWAYS Free
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • 10 Plagiarism Checks/month.

21.) WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is an excellent alternative to Grammarly. The tool helps in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checks.

Key Features:

  • Style Checker
  • Punctuation Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Translator
  • Spell Checker

Although they are great but sad to say they are not free forever. Yes, you need to upgrade to their premium plan to get the full benefits. Their pricing plan is as:

Yearly Pricing

  • Web ($5/mo)
  • Premium ($6.66/mo)
  • Business ($11.50/mo)

3-Year Pricing

  • Web ($3.47/mo)
  • Premium ($5.55/mo)
  • Business (8.82/mo)

23.) Sapling

Sapling - Free Grammarly Alternatives

Last but not least. Sapling is yet another best alternative to Grammarly. This is an AI-powered Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant. A machine learning system powers it, and that’s why it catches 60% more language quality issues than other spelling and grammar checkers.

Sapling works as a browser extension that can be used across all text-based web-apps and business platforms like Gmail. Its autocomplete everywhere and snippets features improve writing efficiency and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Learn from your actions over time.
  • Team-based configuration and control.
  • Available as Browser extension
  • Extensions for Outlook, Google Docs, Google Slides.

Conclusion: Best and Free Grammarly Alternatives 2020

So, you’ve seen a detailed review of the top Grammarly alternatives with their features & Pricing. Whether you are students, marketing professionals, or belong to any department where content is required, you need a Grammar checker or Plagiarism checker tool to write professional content.

With excellent features, ProWritingAid is a perfect alternative to Grammarly. But if you are looking for a paid tool, Sapling and WhiteSmoke is an excellent choice as a Grammarly alternative.

I hope you’ve found a better free Grammarly alternative for you from this list.

If you know some other tool of the same kind, feel free to comment or share with us through the contact us section. We’ll publish it here.

Thank you for spending your quality time here. I have spent a reasonable amount of time preparing this article. Please share it on Social media. This motivates us to write more and more….

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