Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites

Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites?

Hey Guys, we’re again with another hot and widely discussed topic among digital marketers and more prominently among the website developers. In this article we’ll discuss – is WordPress good for professional websites? Here we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using WordPress for your website.

No wonder WordPress is the best open-source PHP and widely used CMS (Content Management System) by bloggers. Due to its enriched features and facilities, accessibility, incredible scalability, cost-control, and customization makes WordPress a good blogging platform and first choice of developers for any business websites.

WordPress is just an amazing content management system (CMS) to build your professional website.

Popular companies that use WordPress:

  • Sony Music
  • MTV News
  • Tesoro
  • Xerox
  • TechCrunch
  • Facebook Newsroom
  • PlayStation
  • The New Yorker
  • Bloomberg Professional
  • Target
  • UPS
  • Walt Disney
  • Best Buy

There are 100s more companies that I can list here who are using WordPress. Here are a few more: The New York Times, Time Inc, The Rolling Stones, Forbes, Beyonce, and Usain Bolt.

You might be thinking about how do you know that these websites are using WordPress. Definitely, good question.

Pro-Tip: I rely on a cool Chrome Extension called Wappalyzer to analyze the platform. You just have to install the plugin – Wappalyzer. Once installed properly, go to the above-mentioned sites or any other website you need to check its platform. Click on Wappalyzer. That’s simple.


One Hosting Center recommends WordPress to most of the businesses as well as to our clients. But YES, another fact is that WordPress is not for everyone. So, let’s walk through the WordPress pros and cons and know if WordPress is a fit for your website.

Why Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites In 2020

1.) User-Friendly CMS and Easy to Customize

If you have zero coding knowledge and technical experience, you don’t need to worry as on WordPress you can easily build websites.

WordPress offers a very simple UI (User Interface) & easy to understand options along with the basic functionalities that anyone can set up a basic WordPress site.

You can easily create a page or post. Edit text, publish on the web, customize URL. Yes, you can do it all with the click of a button. You can write content on Microsoft Word and simply paste it on WordPress. It makes the task of website creation and its maintenance super easy.

2.) Simple Mobile Optimization

As you know, now most people surf the Internet on Mobile and having mobile-optimized sites is a boon for any business. Search engines like Google tend to improve the ranking of websites that are well designed and mobile-optimized as well as responsive on all major devices.

You know what, with WordPress you don’t need to worry about that (talking about the customization of websites for mobile devices) as most WordPress themes are already optimized for mobile devices. They fit into any screen size.

If you have a very good and responsive WordPress theme, important feature optimization like the website design, image scaling will happen automatically for mobile devices without extra coding. You can easily create a mobile-friendly website using a number of WordPress themes and plugins in a simple manner.

3.) Add-ons Availability on WordPress

Add-Ons or Plugins are software having predefined functions that you can easily use on a WordPress website in order to achieve certain functionality.

There are 1000s of paid or free WordPress plugins available like document management, custom field builder, gravity form, inventory management, asset management, SMS notification, etc.

These Add-Ons are wonderful and make WordPress sites amazingly customizable and extensible.

4.) Themes

When it comes to designing websites most people are scared because of coding. Well, with WordPress you don’t need to worry about that.

WordPress developers have already created millions of pre-designed themes using which you can get your site up and running without any design chops.

You can start with great free themes like OceanWP or Astra. You can also opt for a premium theme like Astra Pro or Divi. Using pre-designed themes you can easily design the Amazon affiliate websites, blogs, professional websites, product stores, hobby sites, and more.

5.) SEO Friendly

If your customers or clients are unable to find you on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo….) then there is no meaning of your services, product, and website.

In order to boost your online presence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important factor. There are a number of SEO plugins available in WordPress repositories such as Yoast, All-In-One SEO, or RankMath (trending one) that you can use each post and the page SEO friendly via including page descriptions, meta-data, rich snippets and many more.

Now, it comes to monitor performance. WordPress works well with Google Analytics in order to provide you with accurate updates on how your website is performing.

So far we’ve covered a number of reasons why is WordPress good for professional websites. You can’t believe 32% of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress today. Let’s check out some other important aspects that make WordPress a good choice for professional websites.

6.) Inexpensive

There are other web platforms like WIX or SpaceSpace taking the help of which you can easily get up and run your websites quickly.

But you know what’s the issue – you’ll be limited by their internal technology development, They are not open source and you’ll be provided features according to the pricing plan you’ve selected.

With WordPress, you have the freedom to choose what you’d like to spend during each phase of your business.

Yes, you can start with the cheap WordPress website hosting (<$3/month) and a free theme. As your website grows, you can get ahead with better hosting options as well as the move to a premium theme with some more options.

7.) Social Media Integration and WordPress Images Optimization

Do you know social signals are one of the ranking factors? WordPress offers multiple solutions for social media integration like SumoMe, Sassy Social Share, Social Snap, JetPacks to share your content.

The more your content will be shared, the better will be the ranking.

WordPress editor allows you to optimize images with the ALT tags, file-size, descriptions, and much more. Using image optimization WordPress plugins like reSmush.it, EWWW Image Optimizer you can further optimize that image.

8.) Proper HTML Markup

WordPress creates HTML pages automatically that makes it easily crawlable by search engines like Google.

All the latest WordPress themes are taking advantage of HTML5 and the changes it brings. Website speed is a major ranking factor and WordPress makes it easy for you.

WordPress websites are quick to load on any browsers like chrome. All the HTML, CSS, and Javascript files are well optimized for quick loading. Not only that, using Plugins as GZIP compressors you can compress HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the Images on WordPress.

You’ll be shocked to know search engines like Google penalize the slow loading websites, so it’s very important to have good website speed. You can take the help of the GTMatrix & Google Page Insight tool to see the page speed and work on the issues.

9.) Open Source

As we have stated earlier WordPress is open-source. Being an open-source content system means that you can build WordPress add-ons in order to enhance the experience.

There are currently 50,000+ plugins that you can download to add the required features to your website.

You need to add a shopping cart you can use – WooCommerce, you need forms for customers to fill out use – Contact Form 7, SEO assistance (All in One SEO Pack), or you want to secure your site use WordFence — you are in great hands.

10.) Validated

WordPress is has been powering websites since 2003 so you can be assured that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The WordPress parent company (Automattic) tops $120 million in revenue. They have almost 1000 employees.

As you can see, WordPress is amazing.

If you aren’t a developer but think you need flexibility for your website moving forward, WordPress is your best option.

The best part of using WordPress is that you won’t be trapped in a closed framework. You can control your expenses over time as well as you can build a beautiful site in less than a day.

So these points will help you to know Is WordPress good for professional websites? Is it a good option for you? And many queries will be answered with these points.

There are a number of reasons to use WordPress for your next blog or professional websites but there are also few reasons why you may not want to use WordPress.

Why WordPress might not work for your Website

Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites In 2020

1.) Security

Although WordPress does have secure plugins, we can’t deny the fact that there are vulnerabilities do happen.

If a hacker finds a single loophole in WordPress, they can easily exploit millions of websites quickly.

Poor hosting security, outdated software (not updating them frequently), PHP vulnerabilities, poor login credentials, and poorly built plugins can help hackers to get into WordPress.

No No No, we aren’t trying to scare you away from WordPress, but yes they are quite vulnerable because of open-source platforms than closed platforms like SquareSpace.

2.) Update Annoyance

WordPress requires updating. Your theme will release new updates, as well as WordPress itself will release updates, and each plugin will have updates. PHP code will update versions and your hosting company might have some updates.

Many of these don’t update automatically. So, you’ll have to be on top of it, you need to keep them updated. When sites aren’t updated, they become more vulnerable and buggy.

3.) Support

As it’s open and free and it would cost a lot of money in order to support all the free WordPress sites out there. Well if you purchase premium themes and premium plugins, you are probably on your own.

In case, if your site breaks, you’ll need to figure it out your own way or pay a web agency.

4.) E-Commerce is Difficult

Although, there are a number of ECommerce themes & plugins for help are there but still launching a store isn’t easy with WordPress. If you are a beginner it can be grueling. You need to configure shopping pages, landing pages, cart pages, checkout pages, and transition pages and other required pages.

You have to work on privacy language, form configuration, and payment processor integration as well as you will need to configure a mail client and auto-responders. These all are time taking and if you are beginners, not so easy for you!

5.) Plugin Issues

No wonder, Plugins make WordPress limitless but also they can make it a nightmare for you if not used properly. A bad plugin that has not been updated for a long time can break your website and make it vulnerable to hackers or virus attacks.

How Can You Overcome These Issues?

WordPress Good For Professional Websites

1.) Security: Download a security plugin like WordFence. It works great. There is a terrific free version and they have an even better premium version.

2.) Update annoyance: Updating your website is very necessary. You can’t ignore this anyway but also it’s a major pain with themes, plugins, and such. We recommend you to use ManageWP to auto-update your site. It’s a great tool. It has also a great backup tool for your data but with a premium version that is a few bucks per month and well worth the price.

3.) Support: You can sort out these issues via getting a hosting service that has great support. SiteGround and GreenGeeks have famously good customer service. Get a theme from a reputable company with excellent customer service.

4.) E-Commerce is tedious: If you want the greatest flexibility, WordPress might be right but you need to learn a little bit more. You can hire a freelancer, web agency to get this task done.

5.) Plugin carnage: We highly recommend you to make sure any plugin you download has a lot of other downloads – rely on social proof, as well as check closely that it has been updated recently within the last month. Along with check out that it’s compatible with your theme – it will say YES (then only go with that). Whenever possible – go with a premium theme that has support.

FAQs: Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites?

WordPress is very good for both your blog and your professional website.

Although they started out as a blogging system, now they have evolved into a full-featured web content management system. You can rely on WordPress to manage your whole website, not just your blog.

A significant number of professionals use of WordPress. WordPress powers nearly 33% of websites over the Internet. The WordPress platform is renowned for its very simple-to-use CMS capabilities.

No doubt, it is worth learning WordPress in 2020. It has approx 33% market share of all websites in the world and still growing. It’s the biggest, best, and most supported CMS available.

100% scalable for a majority of businesses. There are more 100s big companies like The New York Times, Time Inc, The Rolling Stones, Forbes, Beyonce, and Usain Bolt using WordPress.

455,000,000 websites. Yes, these many big numbers. According to a survey published by Netcraft, around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now which is huge.

Conclusion: Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites?

Honestly, we (One Hosting Center Team) love designing websites in WordPress.

For the maximum of our clients, we use WordPress. They are easy to set up, manage, and update. With so many plugins & themes, you can build gorgeous professional websites in less than a day. Hope you have got the answer to your queries.

If you have any queries regarding is WordPress good for professional websites? FEEL free to drop a comment or contact us.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you decide to purchase using my links, but at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclosure for more information.

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