Tips to Stay Motivated In Early Days Of Blogging

Inspiring Tips to Stay Motivated In Early Days Of Blogging

Hi Guys, this is my second round up post. I have focused on most important topic – how to stay motivated in early days of blogging. I have invited some well-known name in blogging world to share their point of view on this hot topic. You will learn a lot. Show some love & don’t forget to share if you find this helpful! I’m happy that pro-bloggers accepted request and share their valuable points with us.

Undoubtedly, Blogging is great career option and after lockdown Blogging & Affiliate Marketing terms is just rocking over Internet.

Yes, you can earn good amount of money from blogging and affiliate marketing but you also need to understand it’s not a quick rick scheme. You have to work hard, give dedication and have to determined to get the best results from blogging.

I remember when I started my 1st blog on tech news I was more focusing on income rather than providing quality content. Same mistake repeated with my second blogs but YES I’ve learned from my mistakes and now more focusing on giving value and increasing blog authority.

I’ve come across multiple bloggers and always try to learn something from them. I would like to mention some of name – Anil Sir (Glad he’s sharing his points here), Kulwant Nagi sir, Shoutmeloud by Harsha sir.

Disclaimer: I have sequenced the bloggers as per their responses. The numbers mentioned against them are not indicating any kind of rankings. They are super bloggers & all are my good friends.

Sazzadul Bari

1.) Sazzadul Bari

Sazzadul Bari​ is the founder of BlogCD & WPFame. He is well known blogger with a full-time job and he loves to help companies as a digital marketing strategist as well. You can connect with him on Facebook & Twitter.

Well, when I started my blogging journey, I didn’t have much knowledge about it. As the things go on, I have learnt tons of principles that make me feel motivated to the right direction. Starting a blog is exciting and it’s pretty much easy to get started these days. Isn’t it an amazing feeling when you see your content is live for the first time, and it can be seen by anyone staying from anywhere?

But the thing is that’s only the starting and the beginning of the battle. Now it’s time to hustle and keep things going on the right track!

For me it was a bit tougher when I started back in 2018 due to my full-time job. I had to maintain both and still I’m doing the same! Passion works here to move forward all the time. When you feel like it matches with your instinct, it becomes self-driven, self-motivated. The same happened in my case. Self motivation keeps me going on and on in terms of blogging.

Here is a couple of insights from my so far experience for you that I tried to maintain in my blogging journey:

1. Find your blogging goal and make a clear-cut resolution on it.
2. Try to be passionate about blogging and don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. Instead, you can learn from them and get inspired in a positive way.
3. At least write 500 words a day and always stay in a mood that you can always note down the ideas that come to your head.
4. Be consistent in day to day blogging responsibilities and check your progress over time.
5. Concentrate on establishing your blogging brand.
6. Don’t run after money first, instead try to provide enough value to your readers.
7. Celebrate your tiny achievements as it keeps you hungry for the next milestone.
8. Utilize the social media in a proper sense.
9. Try to make a connection with other fellow pro-bloggers and ask them for support to improve your blogging skills.
10. Don’t rush into too many things instead learn from the basics and constantly keep learning.

These are some of my suggestions that I followed for myself, hope, this will help you to keep things running on track in the best way possible. Have a great time ahead and wish you all the best!

Sumit Sao

2.) Sumit Sao

Humble, modest guy who always stand with you whenever you need him. I know Sumit since start start of my blogging days & following his well-known website “BLOGGINGLIFT” for a long time. Superb article and tips and most important the language of content is simple. Don’t MISS to join his blogging community -FB Group – Blogging Lift – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing

Many bloggers start their blog with the wrong mindset that they will start making money from the next day or next month.

If you are starting your blogging journey with this type of mindset then I’m sure that you’ll be demotivated and give up within 3-4 months.

So, after starting your blog, If you want to be motivated all the time then first you need to change your mindset.

You need to understand this clearly that if you want to be a successful blogger and want to make money from your blog then it requires 4 main things:

  • Hard Work
  • Patience
  • Dedication &
  • Spending time in learning.

And even after this if you feel demotivated then you should read income report of professional bloggers. It’ll help you to stay motivated all the times.

Apart from this, you should watch Sandeep Maheshwari videos on YouTube. It’ll help you to change your mindset and you’ll get quick motivation from his videos.

Anil Agarwal

3.) Anil Agarwal

A well known name in affiliate marketing field. I am huge fan of Anil Sir & his blog – “BLOGGERPASSION” is gem in blogging world. He also started a new blog “Hosting Monks” where you get information related to your hosting queries. If you are eager to learn about blogging and how to make profit I highly recommend you to join his FB Group – Bloggers Passion VIP Group

Here’s the success mantra for beginners. “Start small. Thing BIG. Create something every day.”

If you can remember the above statement and follow it blindly, you’ll succeed no matter what niche you are in.

The key to succeed in blogging is to stay consistent for a long-time. Here’s where most people fail. They work hard for the first few months in creating content, promoting their stuff, doing SEO etc and quit blogging when they don’t see any results.

See, new blogs take time to generate traffic or sales. That’s why you need to go small. Make smaller goals such as;

Reaching 100 visits/day within 6 to 8 months (or even 1 year)

Building an email list of 1k to 2k subscribers in the first year

Generating $100/mo from your blog and so on

If you keep things simple, it becomes easier. You won’t feel like quitting. But make sure to THINK BIG and BE CONSISTENT. That’s how you succeed!

How Much Time Required To Earn 100$ From Blogging – Experts Round up by BLOGGING QNA
Santosh Gairola - How To Succeed In Blogging

4.) Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola is my best buddy in blogging world. He’s the founder of BloggingCosmos – a blog dedicated to digital Marketing. He loves to code & also sketch in his free time. You can learn a learn of new things. Join his Facebook Group – Blogging Cosmos.

Thanks, Vivek, bother for inviting me for this roundup post. Yes, it is crucial to stay motivated in the initial days of your blogging.

It is the time when you will have minimum traffic on your Blog, and it can be quite depressing for many newcomers, as they have read lots of earning proof and watched many success stories on Youtube.

For all those friends, I would like to suggest that, don’t fall into the trap, firstly learn the fundamental skills. The Key skill will be writing helpful content, learn how to reduce grammatical mistakes. Understand the meaning of writing a quality post. Once you have master the art of writing, you will realize that people will start reading your articles.

It will help you to get organic shares and comments. Afterward, it will be the right time for you to learn more about search engine optimization and implement the strategies of SEO.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind that it takes time to get noticed by google.

Therefore, do more, and talk less. Stay humble; keep learning by others. It is the best way to learn from the masters who know how to manipulate Search engine rankings.

Another important thing is to start networking with influential bloggers. Follow them, share their post, and comment on their Blogs. Try to interact with them, join their Facebook group. If you like, you can join our Facebook group Blogging Cosmos; we have run a Monday blog promotion thread. It is the place where you will get connected to the most incredible bloggers. Vivek is also Moderator there in the group. The last thing that I want to add is don’t lose hope. Always remember, Night is darker before the dawn.

Saurabh Tiwari

5.) Saurabh Tiwari

Saurabh Tiwari is well-known name in blogging industry. He’s the Webmaster at TECHI BHAI & CEO & Founder at All Digi Trends. He is very humble guy and always ready to help you. His blogs are awesome and you will never get bored reading his article on TECHI BHAI.

It’s very common with all new bloggers; they feel low in early days of their blogging journey. Sometimes when they fail to get organic traffic for their blog, fail to find the new content ideas, not earned single penny, seeing other bloggers doing same things and getting succeed, earning much but nothing good with them, they start comparing to other bloggers.

And sometime they start losing their self-confidence and I personally feel this is quite common.

Blogging is like planting a tree.

Invest your time and money, do your best, keep patience, I am sure you will get Success

Here is my opinion to new bloggers:-

Stop over thinking–

Every expert was a beginner, So Just keeps positive thinking in mind, and someday I will be successful in my field.

Start Reading:

Start Reading as much as possible may be on Quora, Blog Articles, books, case studies, YouTube videos etc., learn new skills whatever excites you and then implement your learning.

Discuss with blogging buddies

Find a blogger whom you are comfortable with, Join blogging Facebook group, engage with other bloggers, build your network, at the end, you will like it.

Expect less, do more:

Don’t expect too much in early day, just keep doing the things for the sake of interest and learning, and keep yourself updated.

You are the Artist of your own Blog, Make a Brand

Umer Qureshi

6.) Umer Qureshi

A 16 yr old boy but inspiration for many of us including me. He’s Passionate Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Student and Founder Of GuideBlogging. He’s just awesome and if you are looking for an inspiration Umer bhai is perfect as he’s excellent. Above all, he’s always there to help, a humble guy. Join his FB Group – Guide Blogging to learn affiliate marketing.

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  1. Really intriguing and quite inspiring. One thing I’ve learnt from this piece is that in the art of blogging, just keep cool and climb the ladder step-by-step.

  2. Gathering pro bloggers information is no easy task, however, it’s always helpful to come across inspiring post as this.

    There is always one or two lessons to learn from successful bloggers and I’m happy I came across one.

    This is one helpful post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Nick Jones ,

    Awesome post with fantastic work. Glad to say that you have provided inspirational tips to stay motivated during the early blogging days. Your included names are so popular and well-known personalities in the blogging field.

    I completely agree with the words of sumit sao that to make money as a successful blogger having great patience, dedication and doing hard-works are truly crucial and necessary. It is also true that success can’t happen overnight after everything need some time, hard working ability and patience too. Your all the listed names of successful bloggers are great but Saurabh Tiwari, Anil agarwal, Sumit sao and Santosh gairola will be the favorite of mine among the list. Whereas their blogs always helps a lot and provides great motivation.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such an inspirational post.

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