How To Succeed In Blogging? Tips Shared By Experts [Roundup Post]

How To Succeed In Blogging? Tips Shared By Experts [Roundup Post]

Hi Guys, this is my first round up post. I have focused on most important topic – how to succeed in blogging. I have invited some well-known name in blogging world to share their point of view on this hot topic. You will learn a lot. Show some love & don’t forget to share if you find this helpful!

Many things in life require lot of patience and the same concept goes with blogging. Blogging is great career but at the same time it requires patience. If you want to know how to succeed in blogging – I can say you have to keep working hard. Determination, confidence, skills and patience are the combination that you need to focus to succeed in blogging world.

Disclaimer: I have sequenced the bloggers as per their responses. The numbers mentioned against them are not indicating any kind of rankings. They are super bloggers & all are my good friends.

Vishwajeet Kumar - How To Succeed In Blogging

1.) Vishwajeet Kumar

Vishwajeet Kumar​ is the founder of BloggingGate.com. He is well known Full-time Blogger and Digital Marketer. He is a very modest guy and always ready to help fellow bloggers. You can connect with him on Facebook.

To start a blog and become a successful blogger, you need to choose a niche carefully. It is the very important point which needs to be considered before starting a blog. I have seen that many newbie bloggers are choosing a niche for just making huge money.

This is not the fact. A niche can be anything which you are passionate about. Always follow your passion. If you have a good knowledge and expertise in mobiles then you can start a blog on mobiles and Andriod. It will help you to deliver the quality and helpful content to your readers.

Content is king and you can only deliver quality content when you have good knowledge in it. It helps you to build your authority online. When you deliver quality and helpful content people start following your blog content and steadily you can earn your readers trust.

Do not plaster your blog with ads. I have seen that many newbie bloggers have plaster their blog with full of ads which is not a professional way to do blogging. You will get zero with it. Give your starting time by adding content and building traffic to your blog. When your blog grows and people start trusting you then you can monetize your blog with relevant products and services.

You also need to buy a good and reliable web hosting provider. It is very important to get good page loading speed. Do not go with cheap web hosting services as their servers are of poor quality and you will get frequent downtime.

Backlinks plays a crucial role in ranking your site in Search engines. Always build quality backlinks for your blog. You can start with Guest posting on relevant high authority blogs. You can also do blog commenting, social media sites, Web 2.0 sites, Youtube marketing to drive some quality traffic to your blog.

These are some of the basic tips that help you start a blog and become successful with it.

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

2.) Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Erika Mohssen-Beyk Ma’am​ is the founder of erikamohssen-beyk.com. She is well known Blogger who share knowledge and experiences about self-improvement, fitness, natural food, natural health and wellnes. She also help us to grow and prosper in life. You can get connect with here on Facebook. She’s very supportive towards fellow bloggers.

Thank you for inviting me to this roundup.

How to succeed in blogging?

Now is an excellent time to start, and I think more people will work from home in the future. Here is my advice.

Do not start because you think blogging brings quick money; this will not work. It needs dedication, learning, and passion.

Choose a niche about something you are interested in and love. It does not have to be SEO or affiliate marketing. What could you talk about for hours? Sports? Food? Animals? Farming? If you are passionate about something and you like to talk about it, you also can write about it. Follow your heart.

Join Groups where you can get help; there are many with people who are ready to help.

Stay away from people who tell you it does not work, and you better get a job. They will hold you back. Better be with like-minded people who support and encourage you.

Take action and start; be open to learning on the way.

Most important is to be patient, persevering, and focus on your goal.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the fundamentals.– Jim Rohn

For blogging applies the same as for other things. If we do what we love and write what we are passionate about, it will not feel like hard work. The passion shines through, and Success will follow.

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

3.) Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj is the founder of BloggingQnA – SEO And Digital Marketing Blog providing the latest and tested information. He also runs a Facebook Group with more than 4K+ active members who are always ready to help you. You can also join BloggingQnA youtube family of 20K+ members.

First of all, Thanks for including me here in this roundup post.

No Doubt blogging is a wonderful carrier opportunity and people are taking it as a full-time carrier. Even I am one of them. I am doing full-time blogging and Youtubing and earning my livelihood from it. So the potential of blogging is mind-blowing if you are doing it int he right direction.

The main reason why most newbie and beginners fail is, they are not following the right person or maybe they don’t have a mentor who can guide them in the right direction. Trust me A mentor in every field is mandatory.

He can guide you in the right direction. Newbies are attracted to earning profits and some other shiny objects and they thing i will also do this, and ultimately they fail.

They are seeing the proofs but not the hard work, patience, and investment that he/she did to achieve that. So my first and most important advice to get success in blogging is, don’t start a blog by seeing others proofs.

Have patience and give your best for at least 1 or 2 years without expecting anything. Blogging is a real business like every other business you have to invest your time, money, hard work, and patience.

Here are some key points for every newbie out to get success in blogging

1. Always start your first blog on your interested niche
2. Work at least 1 or 2 years dedicated for 1 blog without expecting anything.
3. Don’t start your blog in any random niche by seeing others earning and traffic proofs.
4. Take it as a real business, and It also requires an initial investment of 5k to 7K INR. Invest at least in a good domain and hosting.
5. Don’t ever compromise with your content quality.
6. before starting any blog do complete research about the niche, keywords, competition, and other kinds of stuff so that you have a proper roadmap for your blog.

These are the things If a newbie will follow definitely he will be able to create a successful blog after some period of time.

For more practical stuff you can watch practical videos on my youtube channel BLOGGINGQNA

Chayan Chakrabarti - How To Succeed In Blogging

4.) Chayan Chakrabarti

Chayan Chakrabarti is a professional Digital Marketer & Blogger as well as founder of excellent blog – SimpleFactsOnline.Com. On his blog you will find great tips on digital Marketing, SEO & Blogging. He also runs a Facebook Group with more than 3K+ active members who are always ready to help you.

Blogging success is not that complex. But it’s true that you have to figure out a few things for building a successful blog. I am a non-techie, and the day I came to know about wordpress, I was amazed—so many customization options. I was overwhelmed. But soon I started understanding the process. Website design and the navigation, look and feel is the backbone of any blog. By looking into your website, your perception is building. And now it’s up to you how you want to get along.

Here are a few prerequisites before starting a blog.

  • Select Your Niche With Your Own Understanding. Don’t jump into a niche from where your friend is making money.
  • A right mindset can take you there, so always find the joy in small achievements.
  • A brandable domain name is must
  • If you spend around $50 to $60 you will get a decent web hosting. Before Buying any hosting check their feature, support and security. My Recommendation Siteground.
  • Use mobile optimized themes

I am not saying that these five things are ultimate. But these things will surely make your life easy. It’s all about the mindset. I have seen bloggers who want to earn millions from their blog and are not ready to invest $50, and there are bloggers who are spending like crazy. So you have to find your call here. Invest as per your requirements ,and this can only happen if you compete with yourself.

Consistency is another crucial aspect of blogging.

No matter how smart and knowledgeable, if you are not regular and not trying to improve and improvise, your blog may not make that much of an impact.

Blogging is not for easy money. If you are starting your blog thinking that it will pay your bill from the next day. Don’t start. Treat blogging like a business. And like every other business, blogging also requires some investment.

Constant learning can only improve to sustain in blogging for a long time. Try to learn every moment and fix any issue. If you can’t fix it with your learnings and expertise, get an expert. Don’t complicate things at the beginning. You will not be getting much traffic and earnings when you start.

Your outreach strategies and approaches will not always be appreciated. It’s the perseverance that will keep you going.

Now you have to decide where you want to take your blog in the next few years.

Here are a few tools that I use in blogging

  • Elementor Page Builder– For Creating Professional Looking Pages
  • Wp Rocet- To Improve the page loading speed.
  • Rankmath- The best seo plugin so far. It’s on page seo suggestions are merely astounding.
  • Semrush- For keyword research and competition analysis
  • Grammerly- To Improve my written English
  • Tinypng– Reduce the image size
  • Google docs — Make a draft of any article

So here are some tools and methods are listed that is helping me with my blog. Did I develop these strategies overnight? Did Santa Clause give me those tools? Not at all. I worked on many other strategies and tried many different tools; they failed. But I kept on trying. Don’t fear to fail. And eventually, you will find your strategies. Let me know your thoughts about this quick tip.

Gurunath Nakka

5.) Gurunath Nakka

Gurunath Nakka is the founder of Bloggingdock.com multi-niche blog providing quality information related to Blogging, WordPress, Technology, Product & Reviews. He also covers Interviews, Expert chats & round up posts.

Blogging is one of the best online career options I have ever come across and also the best platform to build your online presence. But to achieve success in blogging one should know few things that needs to avoid before you even start a blog.

I am here will share the mistakes I have done as a beginner in blogging so that it can help you as an example.

1) Choosing a right Topic/Niche: First and foremost, thing anyone should be having is the passion to what they need to blog. The topic/s you choose plays a vital role at the very first instance. If you don’t have basic knowledge on the topic you choose or you don’t have any passion towards it, then you can’t do well in long-term.

2) Time allotment: Another area where many bloggers including me failed is at certain point of time you cannot invest much time on blogging you did in your earlier days. So, decide on day 1 itself on how much time you can allot for your blog/s. Stick to this time no matter if it is even for 30 – 60 minutes a day.

3) Regular Posting: Here is again a crucial thing that affects your blog a lot in long-term. Stick to a plan in posting your articles even if it is once per week, do it with consistency. I used to post 4 articles in a month previously but now can’t post single article per month which affected my blog’s reputation and rankings a lot.

4) Don’t compare yourself with others

5) Don’t invest much time in Theme customisation in initial months or for the 1st year at least.

6) Don’t come into blogging with a mindset to earn from day 1. Earning from blogging takes time and you should be mentally prepared for that.

7) Don’t invest too much money on themes, plugins, hosting for the first few months or 1st year.

There are many things but as this is a roundup post, I want to make it short and only quoting few important things. All the very best all of you who are starting your 1st blog ever 

Santosh Gairola - How To Succeed In Blogging

6.) Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola is my best buddy in blogging world who is from Dehradun (Dream to Visit Once). He’s the founder of BloggingCosmos – a blog dedicated to digital Marketing, programming, and also include technology. I can say he’s multi talented. He loves to code & also sketch in his free time. You can learn a learn of new things. Join his Facebook Group – Blogging Cosmos.

Thank you, Vivek brother, for giving me this opportunity to share my views with your audiences.

How to succeed in Blogging is the question that attracts most of the beginners who want to start their brand new blog.

For those friends, I would like to tell them that the term success has the same mantra in every field, and Blogging is no different. But a little guidance can help a lot to the new bloggers. Hence, it is quite explicit that you want to know the secret.

Talking about Blogging, experts don’t like to share their secrets. But today is your lucky day; I will share my perspective regarding this context. In reality, I don’t know the authentic meaning of the term success because everyone has their different definition of success. Therefore, I will try to give you a vast idea of blogging success.

There are three hidden secrets to succeed in Blogging.

1 – Don’t go for instant gratification

If you want to earn quick money from Blogging, then blogging is not for you, my friend. It is a serious business, which takes time to establish in the market. On average, a newly start blog takes at least six months to get noticed by search engines like Google.

Therefore, you cannot expect quick success in Blogging. Consequently, don’t get attracted by the shiny objects that you see over Facebook and Youtube. They have given many years to achieve that state of Blogging Business. You cannot bypass that time.

Blogging requires many skills, like content creation, content optimization, Content presentation, Content marketing, analytical skills, Monetization modules, and beautification.

These skills will take time to master them.

Guys Blogging is real work; you need to create a supportive audience, which should trust you. Generally, people take time to trust another person or brand.

2 – Practice Growth Mindset

Read other’s blogs, learn how experts are crafting their blog. Notice what changes experts are doing on their blog, for that you need to visit on their blog regularly.

The next step that comes in the journey of the growth mindset is appreciating others and following the blogging experts.

If you have envy for successful fellow bloggers, then my friend, you must quit Blogging and try something else. Blogging is not for you. Blogging means appreciating others and learning from them.

Build a friendly relationship with other bloggers and contribute to their blog.

3 – Make Investment on your blog and do Hardwork

Alright, this step might seem no significance to many new bloggers, but professionals know the importance of investing in their blog. Therefore, you must start with the Professional blogging platform like WordPress. For that, you can host your blog on fast servers. I use Bluehost servers for my blog. Further, there are themes and tools to enhance the blog performance.

Santanu Debnath

7.) Santanu Debnath

Santanu Debnath is another well-known name in blogging world. He owns a famous blog – Blogging Joy – a blog completely dedicated to WordPress, Blogging and SEO. He’s a part-time blogger and a full-time software professional. He recently started Youtube Channel sharing his experiences in Hindi, so if you are intrested I must say you to visit his YouTube Channel, lots of values.

Thank you for Inviting me on your blog. I would love to share my experience and knowledge about this topic. Well, the definition of success varies person to person. When someone measures success by achieving some numbers, some people also feel success on receipt of appreciation for their hard work. But in blogging, I believe success means when you can achieve both the things: Authority and money.

In 2020, blogging is not at all just sharing someone’s interest. As money is involved nowadays people are taking blogging seriously and they are actually able to live a very good life with blogging income. In such a scenario, many people are getting into blogging to try their luck and create a career in blogging. This makes this entire environment very much competitive.

As a Beginner, I believe you must think on the below points before starting a blog in 2020.

1) Decide first why you want to start a blog? Earn money or Fame Or Sharing Knowledge. This will help you to start the initial research in the right direction.

2) Understand the skills that you need to learn in that process. This will help you to understand the efforts you have to put in learning and upgrading your skills.

3) Realize the competition in your niche. Yes, you have to analyse how much is the competition in your interest area. And if that is too much you have to come up with something unique or change your topic. Picking the right topic is the most important thing in blogging.

4) Start writing content on different platforms like Quora. Content writing is one of the most essential skills you need to develop to grow as a blogger. So, it’s better you start getting comfortable before starting a blog in 2020.

So, these are few of the basic things I would like to share to a beginner who is planning to start a blog. There is plenty of such advice, but I think these are enough to think and take actions.

Jyoti Chauhan - How To Succeed In Blogging

7.) Jyoti Chauhan

Jyoti Chauhan is well-known in blogging world. She’s the founder of UpdateLand – a blog dedicated to blogging tips, SEO, and Tech Tips. If you are struggling to make money online or get traffic to your blog, updateland is great blog you can learn from. You can connect with her on Social Media.

What are the things we need to consider before starting a blog?

  • Domain: This is the very first-step. Make sure you get a .com if possible, the domain is as short and easily understood/pronounceable.
  • Hosting: Do not settle for a “cheap” host. In 2020, speed and uptime matter not just for users, but also for search engines.
  • Social media channels: Before finalizing a domain name, check if the exact match username/handle is also available on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or any other social media platform you intend to use.
  • Search volume / demand: The blog will only succeed if has readers. So, you need to determine if the topic/industry/niche has searches.
  • Competition: Take the keyword, pass it through a good competition research tool. If you pick an extremely high-competition industry, it gets considerably harder to rank and make money off it.
  • The actual keyword: “Gaming laptop” and “gaming computer” are similar, yet very different keywords when it comes to SEO. Make sure your seed keyword (the primary/core keyword) for the blog (if any) is well-researched, low-competition and of good search-volume.
  • Monetization-model: Most bloggers skip on this. Thinking you’ll decide how to monetize the blog “later” is a major mistake. At the least, decide the broad revenue-stream (s) you’ll be using. Will it be an Adsense (CPC)-centric blog, or an affiliate blog? You also can do both. This affects your writing-style, promotional tactics, keywords and everything else.
  • CPC/ Product-value: For Adsense blogs, you need keywords with acceptable CPC. For affiliate blogs, choose a product/niche with good commissions.
  • Patience: The most important piece of information you should have before starting a blog is, you won’t rank overnight, or even in a week, or maybe a month. Quitting after a month’s work isn’t the way to do it. Give it time.

How to succeed in blogging?

  • Quality over quantity: Back in 2013, I could write anything I want, and rank for it. Today, even the best content struggles for the first page. Do not focus on publishing “more”, rather on publishing content of high-quality. This also holds true for backlinks, do not build a thousand shitty links, rather, 10 links of quality are a lot more valuable.
  • Frequency: Focusing on quality doesn’t mean you should publish one post a month. Sure, that has worked for some, but, it’s better to post as frequently as possible, while maintaining the quality.
  • Write for the users: Keyword density, EMDs, a thousand backlinks and things like that are a thing of the past. Your content is (it always was) the king. Make sure what you write is exactly what the reader/user seeks. Only “actually useful” information will gain you returning visitors.
  • Keep up with Google: I’ve seen a number of bloggers completely ignore Google updates. Don’t do that. Missing major updates such as the recent BERT will be a killer for your blog.
  • Network: Connect to other bloggers, in and out of your niche. Social connections help with social shares, which results in social traffic. Or, even backlinks on roundup posts (such as this one.)
  • SEO: Obviously! Every aspect of it, including keyword research, competition research, on-page optimization, backlink analysis and everything else should be your daily habit.
  • User-experience: Speed, navigation, ease of use and other aspects of a user’s experience on your blog matter, a lot! Make sure you stick to the minimum banners, ads, images, scripts and everything else.
  • Build a list from day 1: Again, something that’s often ignored because initially you don’t get enough traffic. Well, building an e-mail list is one of the most basic yet most effective ways to establish your blog.
Joy Dhar - How To Succeed In Blogging

8.) Joy Dhar

If you just started blogging or going to start blogging I want to say that if you don’t have enough patience I think blogging is not for you. If you want to get success you need to wait. It might be 6 month or 6 years. If you can work without getting any outcome instantly then, blogging is for you . Don’t Focus more on money instead of that focus on learning. Money will follow you

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