Does Web Hosting Affect SEO

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO: Truth Revealed [#2 is Secret]

Hey guys, we’re back again with an important topic – does web hosting affect SEO or say search engine ranking? As a blogger, SEO professional we’ve to deal with multiple issues. We’ve never had a shortage of things to worry about. Google update, WordPress hack issues, plugins or themes update and blah blah…

But among them, web hosting is something which is really a headache. If you fail to choose reliable web-hosting providers, you are going to face lots of issues. In this article, I’ll discuss these things.

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

#1. Uptime

You know what – server uptime is very important for SEO. Uptime is the amount of time that a server is up and running. In simple language, it states when your website is available on the web. If your web host unable to provide you with good uptime, it’s going to downgrade your website performance.

YES, frequent downtime makes your website inaccessible for visitors and affect the search engine’s ability to index your site. The situation more out of control when the search engine crawler attempts to scan your website but due to server downtime, your site is not open, this will downgrade your search engine ranking.

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#2. Server Location

Do you know – search engines may check the IP address of your website in order to find out where it is located. If you are using SEO to rank in a specific geographical area choosing server location become mandatory.

Websites that are located in the same country where you are targeting or say where your targeted audiences are website content tend to perform much better in the rankings. So, while choosing a web hosting provider be sure to pick web host as close as possible to your business or blog address. It will establish trust which is a very positive factor in SEO.

#3. IP Addresses

Home in a bad neighbourhood is always hurting! The same concept applies to web hosting. When you go for average shared hosting your website is placed with several other websites. It may happen the website shared with your IP address may involve in theft, cloaking or malware attacks. If that’s true, Google or other search engines will flag these websites using the IP address of the server and your website may face the consequences.

Whenever you go for a new web hosting account you should immediately check the IP address. Check what other types of sites are being hosted on your server. If you see something bad is always better to ask for the server change. Most web hosting companies also allow you to purchase your own IP address, it may charge you extra.

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#4. Shared Hosting

In relation to the IP address as we’ve discussed above shared hosting is bad for SEO. Shared hosting is truly “shared”. All the websites hosted on the same server are using the same CPU, RAM and hard drive. If your site does not have enough server resources it will hurt your SEO efforts.

In the end, does shared hosting affect SEO? The short and simple answer is: yes. If you are careful about choosing a shared hosting provider and regularly monitor your website you will be able to prevent most of the negative effects.

#5. CMS Selection

Today’s most modern websites are running on some type of CMS (Content Management System). In fact, WordPress sites now make up 26.4% of the web as it’s easy of use as well as they have search engine friendly code. If you’ve planned on using a CMS make sure it is offered by your web host.

Many hosts have an auto-installers this makes it easy to have an SEO-friendly site. You don’t have to spend too much time manually coding a site. Also, make sure your chosen CMS compatible with the server’s system as well as check the server’s specifications in the web hosting package before you make choose your next web hosting provider.

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Conclusion: Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

A website hosted on a bad host can become a disaster. Aforementioned reasons are enough to make the statement true. While choosing shared hosting be more cautious else you may face poor SEO rankings, downtime, greater load time and worse sudden website crash.

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