Best Laptop For Bloggers

If you are planning to start your blog in 2020 or you are already a blogger the best weapon for your job is a laptop. It’s must-have. Although you can start blogging from mobile but having a laptop is a boon for the bloggers. 

Blogging means freedom, you’re your own boss, and definitely you don’t have to stick with one place in order to complete tasks. I love roaming here & there [Kabhi Chat Pe, Kabhi Balcony Me] while writing the blog for OHC & desktop can’t give you such flexibility so, the laptop is more preferable. In this article, I’ll discuss the best laptop for bloggers in 2020 as well as I’ll cover the best laptop for travel bloggers, best laptop for lifestyle bloggers & best laptop for beauty or fashion bloggers. You might be thinking why so many categories, that’s because everyone has their own requirements & so we’ve shortlisted the best laptop upon the blogging category. 

One Hosting Center team include writers, graphics designers, one of our team member who handles offsite activities is a fan of traveling, so we’ve great idea & we thoroughly researched for the best laptop for bloggers upon laptop performance, keyboard typing experience (very important), battery life, display panel, and above all pricing, and portability. So, here we’ve shortlisted some affordable & reliable laptop for bloggers upon their blogging category.

Best Laptop For Travel Bloggers:

Surface Pro 6



Apple MacBook

Best Laptop For Fashion Bloggers:

Ideapad S145


Lenovo V145